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Affordable Accounting Service Prices

When determining the service price, we carefully analyze the needs of clients and specific requirements. Understanding that each client is unique, we adjust the price according to the scope and types of services required.

If you are at the beginning of your business and are not sure about the volume of work, we offer flexible pricing options. The first month can be a period with a temporary, lower price, which is later adjusted to the real needs.

The contract allows changes to all items, including price, with mutual consent. We have a sophisticated system that tracks the time spent working for each client, enabling us to establish fair and objective prices.

To give you an insight into the prices of our services, here are some indicative amounts:

Client Type Starting Price (€/month)
Sole trader (non-VAT) from 130
Sole trader (VAT system) from 180
LLC (non-VAT) from 150
LLC (VAT system) from 200
Sole trader (flat-rate taxpayer) from 70